Howell Construction, INC.

We look forward to discussing your commercial or industrial construction needs.  Our extensive experience enables us to obtain top quality products at the best prices, so we can pass the savings onto our customers.  Our knowledge allows us to plan and supervise efficiently as we know exactly what work needs to be done and what pitfalls need to be avoided.  Give us a call or send a message to schedule a face to face meeting to get your project started!

Services We Offer

Tenant Improvements

Tenant (or leasehold) improvements refer to construction required to modify a space for a particular tenant’s requirements.  For example, if a commercial business leases a property, but needs a certain layout and configuration of the floorspace, such as a fixed number of offices and conference rooms, Howell Construction will work with the tenant to plan and carry out the removal and/or building of walls, floors, and ceilings.

Restaurant Construction & Remodels

Howell Construction specializes in the new construction and/or remodel of restaurants and fast food business buildings.  We have completed many pizza places and fast food businesses such as Taco Bell and Starbucks.  We have built Wingstop restaurants as well as John’s Pizza places.

Development Investment Companies

We provide the construction work for several development investment companies, particularly those that invest in the building of commercial and industrial properties.

Gas Stations

Our experience includes planning, supervising and constructing gas stations.  We havce completed many gas station projects at a very cost efficient and timely manner.

Convenience Stores

Similar to the small stores located on gas station properties, we also build larger stand alone convenience stores.  Call us to discuss your project.

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